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David Coleman

Senior Consultant

David is an outstanding operational professional, with 28-years experience in strategy development, service excellence and performance improvement.

He has built a reputation for impressive results, customer focus and staff engagement. In particular, David’s ability to motivate and enrol front line staff and senior executive groups alike, to achieve leaps in performance, are well known and respected.


David’s history as an original member of the UK’s first call centre in 1982, founding an international consultancy in 1994 and occupying leadership roles within prime global brands has provided David with a unique knowledge of operational best practice and an ability to execute successful customer-centric transformation programmes. His guiding principle is growth through customer centricity.


David’s most recent roles as Director of Customer Services at Standard Life; Director of Operations, Aviva; Head of HSBC Global Call Centres and Director of TCF with Citibank UK, has seen him deliver exceptional results in the areas of customer satisfaction, sales through service, productivity and operational transformation and staff engagement. His experience stretches the globe, having worked in Europe, India, China, Philippines, Malaysia, US, Australia and New Zealand.


Outside of his work David’s interests are riding his Harley Davidson, photography,writing, cricket and sailing.


David has just published his first book, 'The Path to Engagement: Enjoy more growth, Happiness and success'.

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