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Elaina Ewing

Senior Consultant

Elaina brings over two decades of coaching and consultancy experience and is known best for designing, implementing and embedding high impact, deeply personal development journeys for leaders and coaches.

Infused with humanistic principles, Elaina’s work encourages mutual respect, trust and personal responsibility. Through a combination of support and challenge, she is able to be a catalyst for change as individuals and teams embark upon courageous transformations. Her enquiring mind, leads Elaina to understand the outcomes of the work she is involved in.


Throughout her career, Elaina has been fascinated by the process of transformation and growth. Playing a role in the development of people, teams and organisations is something which continually inspires, nourishes and motivates her. Elaina places great emphasis on seeing people as being the greatest asset in any organisation.


Her work is designed to support her clients to achieve the best, most fulfilling careers possible and to use their gifts to positively affect the lives of their colleagues, stakeholders and communities, whilst achieving outstanding personal and professional success.


Over the years Elaina has developed tools and methodologies to enable the assessment of interventions and track how behaviour, performance and relationships are impacted over time. She believes that there are few more rewarding moments in life than seeing the powerful ‘ripple effect’ of a successful intervention and experiencing its legacy years later.


Elaina has a deep love of learning and passion for continual personal growth, which has led her to explore and develop her own capability and potency as a consultant. Given that she believes she’ll never be the ‘finished article’, her development journey is an on-going process. She has studied with institutions such as Surrey University, Blanchard Training, CIPD and the Associate for Coaching to name a few. She is currently engaged in a 3-year Organisational Transaction Analysis programme exploring organisational systems, culture and change with TA Works.


Elaina is committed to continually learning – she also has an amazing smile.

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