Women in Business

The Break-Through Seminar

Any women who are hitting up against career barriers, or feel like they have lost their sense of direction, or are experiencing being in a bit of a rut and want to transform their current experience. 'What Do I Want, What Do I Really, Really, Really Want?'


The intention of this seminar is to explore those issues and challenges that are specific to women and provide insight, mindset and behaviour change that will assist you to experience greater fulfilment and satisfaction in all areas of your life.


It is an innovative intervention that works at the levels of values, belief, emotions, behaviour and skill.


Many say it’s life changing.



Course Content

Day 1


• Personal transformation principles

• The 3 S’s: Self Awareness, Self Belief, Self Respect

• Is there really a glass ceiling?

• Do boardroom quotas matter?

• Purpose, breakthrough and confidence

• Owning my experience whatever the circumstance: what's your story so far?

• Living ‘Above the Line’ more of the time

• Grooving in winning habits


Day 2


• Life goals unifying principles. What is my heart's desire?

• Can we have it all? Work–life balance: Getting the support system you need

• Personal well-being: Doing what works for you: family, sport, meditation, yoga, nutrition, travel, home-making

• Maximising your impact in all scenarios


How will you benefit?


You will gain:

• More choice

• A stronger sense of self and what you want, your purpose and focus

• A more genuine and positive impactful style – conveying you at your best more of the time

• Deeper level of self belief and confidence

• Greater resilience and ability to manage (life) when under pressure

• More laughter


How will your organisation benefit?


They will have someone who:

• Is more self-aware and satisfied with their choices

• Understands their impact on those around them

• Better equipped to respond in times of pressure and change

• Improved levels of self-motivation

• Able to deliver better results




The programme is with a group of no more than 10 women in a safe, non-judgemental space. This gives you the chance to feel at ease and be open. Working in a group also gives everyone the chance to learn from each other, sharing life and day-to-day situations and experiences.


Participants often form strong bonds as they get to know one other as respected and trusted peers. The open dialogue that you’ll experience can also translate back at work to being a highly effective player whatever level you are at.













The approach


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Course locations

Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Manchester

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