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Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching - keep your talent engaged, growing, inspired and feeling valued




Our purpose is to enable you to develop,

 grow and be inspired.


Executive coaching and mentoring at all levels of management, can give you the differential in business.


Everyone needs help now and then, even at the top. Up there in the lofty towers of corporate management, it can be an incredibly lonely place, and coaching and mentoring at crucial times can really go a long way. Not everyone in management has all the answers.


Here at Masters in Minds, we know what it takes to offer superior executive support that gives any business a real boost, and a solid advantage over its rivals. Our highly experienced business coaches are ready to aid at all levels of management, from operation managers right up to the CEO's themselves, giving them added skills and real-world insights that will help them to perform even better and drive their companies forward.


We're all about ensuring that your management team are performing at their best. That makes everyone happy – owners, shareholders, employees, and us. Business life can often be full of rapid ups and downs, being able to respond wisely in each circumstance is the key to success. That's what we provide.


To find out more about the very best in coaching and mentoring, get in touch with us right now and we will be pleased to listen.

Our 7C's step


How we do it

We have a deeply talented range of coaches and mentors. Someone to suit everyone within an organisation.


Our methodology in selecting the correct mentor/coach is a 7 step approach to getting the perfect support for you.


  1. Consultation (Initial Face/Skype/Phone with you)
  2. Character Assessment (Tilt365)
  3. Check (Assessment results from Tilt365)
  4. Consider (We find the coach best suited to your needs)
  5. Chat (Have a conversation with our recommend coach)
  6. Confirmation (You confirm they are right for you)
  7. Commence (Start coaching/mentoring sessions)


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