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What is Culture Change?

Culture change is stripping back the old engrained ways of doing things that don't work - the layers of stuff, bad habits, out of date standards, processes, thoughts and systems that persist and that get in the way of development, growth and progress. Sometimes change is required, sometimes transformation. Choose between the two wisely.

Change resolves the past. Transformation creates the future.

Is your culture supporting your aspirations, dreams and goals?


Why is it important?

Culture and engagement is the most important issue organisations face around the world, according to Deloitte's Global Human Capital Report, 2015.

'Organisations that create a culture defined by meaningful work, deep employee engagement, job and organisational fit and strong leadership are outperforming their peers and will likely beat their competition in attracting top talent'.


We assist our clients to take a conscious and intentional approach. Culture is a living thing. It is a leadership choice to actively cultivate it or leave it to chance.


82% of leaders say they believe that culture is a competitive advantage, yet fewer than 1 in 3 executives say they understand their organsations culture.  Deloitte's 2016


What are the benefits?

If you consciously and intentionally to create a high performing culture and operate in the upper quartile of employee engagement you can benefit from the following results:

- Twice net profit

- 2.5 times revenue growth

- 12% high customer advocacy and satisfaction

- 18% higher productivity

- 59% of engaged employees say their job brings out their most creative ideas against 3% of those less engaged

- 40% lower staff turnover

- 35% increase in efficiency

- 62% more accidents take place in the bottom quartile







What are the rewards?


A fit for purpose, agile and aligned workforce who live and practice the organisations values, standards, understand their role in delivering the strategy, embrace the vision and represent the brand on a daily basis. You will have a culture that is defined by its high engagement, performance, motivation and overall sense of well-being.


The business will out perform the market, retain and attract top talent, have strong customer loyalty, be innovative and it will evolve ahead of peers and competitors.


The MIM culture change programmes have resulted in 84% engagement = +25% vs. UK average score.



The Mindset Indicator Monitor ™ analyses the mindset of each individual and an organisations openness to change


'Culture Change'  just got easier thanks to the insight

created by the Mindset Indicator Monitor ™

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