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Mastery In Leadership & Management

We educate and facilitate leaders to become masters.


Leaders who master multiple leadership styles can prescribe, direct, facilitate, nurture, coach and inspire. Know when to speak and when to listen, when to demand, critique and when to praise, recognise and ‘fill buckets’. They are emotionally intelligent and place value on this, as much as they do, upon their intellectual quota – if not more.


They take care of their personal well-being, knowing when to work hard and when to play.


They know their team and organisation is a reflection of them.

Great leaders master multiple leadership styles.


They actively role model the values and standards they hold dear - it is a daily practice.


Leaders are also human beings and can ‘go unconscious’, have blind-spots and can tend to have a “default” style of decision-making.


Some are more comfortable making Command and Control decisions, while others prefer Collaboration. The most effective are skilled at matching the decision process to each situation.


Every leader can master the four primary decision-making processes, deciding for each situation which process is most effective:


  • Command and Control – Use this leadership style when the bullets start flying, when the situation is urgent, and the stakes are high. Someone has to take Command and Control to evacuate a building on fire.
  • Informed Command and Control – This leadership style works well in situations that are still urgent, but where the stakes are lower, such as when a company requires a meeting venue and reservations must be made within hours.
  • Limited Consensus – Use this style for low-stakes strategic planning, such as choosing between competing but similar health insurance plans.
  • Aligning Consensus  – Put this in your pocket for high stakes strategic planning and visioning, like creating a five-year plan for taking a new company into the marketplace.


Whether you are Red, Green, Blue, or Yellow, INTJ, ESTP, a Relater, Communicator, Strategist or Tilting Impact or Courage you always have a choice to develop, grow and increase your leadership flexibility and range. We would say a responsibility.


Mastery in Leadership


Our Leadership development will teach you how to use your own unique story and life experience to inspire your leadership. Exploration of deep-seated attitudes and beliefs will give you the insights to build on your strengths, shift unhelpful attitudes and create more choice in how you think and behave.


We work at the level of mind-set and behaviours with active group participation, feedback and individual development time.


There is always a focus on the outcome – whatever that is for you, in your world, your business, your life.


The approach has proven over many years to have a lasting impact in and outside of business.




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