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B2B Sales, Account Management & Development –

Establishing high performance - the mind-set, behaviours, strategies, tactics, skills and tools.


We will facilitate new thinking and train in new habits that will improve sales performance.


        Our approach is based on our own personal success in sales.


We have a strong track record in our own sales careers and have a passion for sharing this with others.


Our own results include:


• Acquiring strategic new accounts with a value of circa £1bn

• Client sales growth in double digits year on year

• Building substantial quality pipelines

• New business sales growth 85%

• Account development growth 90%

• Revenue growth 43%

• Profit growth 270%


Sales Performance


Clear, Focused, Results

Our approach is tailored to your organisation.


Sometimes our clients want to use MIM as a sounding board.


Sometimes they want to transform their sales operation.


Our starting place is to understand you and your business so we can help you to optimise your performance whatever the state of play.


Once we understand the nature of your challenges and opportunities we will work with you to create the mind-set, behaviours, strategies, skills and tools required to increase your results.


It’s important to understand that our approach is not just about developing skills but changing the way a whole sales team thinks, behaves and operates.


Whatever the nature of the intervention we make sure it is measurable and that there is a demonstrable return on investment.



Where do we start and what is involved?




  • We start by defining business objectives and end with a final celebration session where participants present the business returns they have achieved, personally and as a team and organisation.
  • Define and ratify the strategic sales plans and, where relevant, bid management infrastructures.
  • Identify and focus on the sales people and accounts with the greatest potential for quick wins, deep dive into problem areas and ‘un-stick’ them.
  • Assess ‘will & skill’ to create awareness and start the learning process.
  • Create alignment to the big picture, the WHY, creating rational and emotional buy-in at organisational, team and personal level.
  • Develop sales managers to act as performance coaches - using a combination of Tilt 365 feedback, team workshops and ongoing coaching.
  • Enable dynamic and intelligent use of digital apps and networks (e.g. Linkedin).
  • Deliver punchy and entertaining workshops for sales people to consider new ways of thinking – including the application of new methods to selected accounts (prospective and existing).
  • Embed and track account review sessions and sales accompaniments to make sure new thinking and behaviours get into the DNA, become 'habit'.
  • Facilitate regular 'Performance Gains Groups' with senior managers to guide the programme, address any barriers to sales success and review actual results against the agreed programme measures.
  • Uplift sales with our Sales Logic methodology
  • DBM goal planning - drive results to a new level



When you combine these elements it results in a high degree of buy-in for change and long-term sustainable improvements in sales team productivity.


Sales Management


Even today individuals are often promoted into sales management or even into directorship roles with little input to help them make this important transition.


We all know that being good at selling doesn’t mean you will be good at managing or directing. But this still happens – hope is not a strategy.


Without development, support and mentoring through the transition, new managers can often swing between being too hands-off or too hands-on with their sales team, or gradually retreat back into their comfort zone of selling rather than managing or directing.


We provide personal sales management coaching and mentoring for Sales Managers so that they can effectively transfer their know-how and become successful sales performance coaches.




Let us assist you in increasing sales performance. It may be that it's a personal conversation, it maybe a full programme, we don’t mind.

It’s whatever is required to help you get your desired results.


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