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5 areas to use the Mindset Indicator Monitor


1. Organisational Mindset


The Mindset Monitor Indicator™ analyses an organisation’s mindset

based on the responses of the employee. This powerful insight enables an organisation to strategically plan and implement necessary actions/interventions for transformation or changes.


2. Transformation and/or Change Programmes


The tool will highlight areas in an organisation at a departmental, function,

team and individual level -  identifying those areas and individuals

who are potential detractors of any transformation or change. With this insight, Masters in Minds can pinpoint which area, service,

region, or team that will require additional facilitation,

education or training in order to successfully make the step-change.


3. Uncovering Potential in Re-Organisation: (Talent & Future Proofing)


The insight gained using the Mindset Monitor Indicator™ can identify, within minutes, potential ‘Talent’. This insight can help shape the organisation and help make informed decisions about which open-minded individuals are part of the team after the re-organisation.


4. Benchmarking for High-Performing Teams


The insight gathered enables organisations to map their high , average and low performing teams . At this point a targeted intervention can be made to raise the bar, and address underperformance. The organisation can create a High-Performing Culture (mindset, behaviours, traits and results).



5. Benchmarking Recruitment


When using the Mindset Monitor Indicator™ organisations can quickly

analyse the mindset of a potential candidate ensuring that it fits the

desired mindset, thus reducing costly mistakes

in the recruitment process.


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