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Sanja Kerzinger

Senior Consultant

Sanja is a multi-lingual consultant and trainer with a vast amount of experience in cultural change and leadership.


Working across management and work councils, to new start-ups, she has trained a diverse set of companies and people.

Passionate about making a difference to the way people think and behave, Sanja encourages her client’s to live the change they want to see in the world.


Qualified as a NLP Trainer, Hypno master and with a diploma in Psychology, Sanja has an impressive range of skills. She is also trained in Rational-Cognitive Training, Psychophysiology, Crisis-Management, Voice and Speech Coaching and relies on these and many other coaching methods to help her clients reach their business or leadership goals.


Outside of her work, Sanja practices yoga, meditation and singing, as well as spending time to learn new skills and explore the great possibilities that life has to offer.

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