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Stephen McCann

Operations Director

Stephen is a coach and facilitator with 17-years experience as a co-founder, owner, board director and leader of Scotland’s most successful independent publishing company.

His experience at the forefront of a small business led him into conversations and situations with his people where he first began to develop a passion for facilitating, coaching and advising people to reach a better place. His approach helped them to make more conscious and considered decisions for themselves and the business. This built trust amongst his team and created a high performing and energised culture, contributing to the organisations success and growth.



Following this success, after 17 years, Stephen decided to develop and understand on an academic level what it was that he was doing, which was working so well, in order to share it with more people. Since stepping away from the publishing company Stephen studied and is a NLP certified practitioner. He is also currently studying Psychology at the Open University.


Stephen’s decades of business experience fused with his academic studying enables him to help others as their coach either on a professional or life basis.


Stephen’s recent assignment was focused on coaching inexperienced Operations Managers within a large Business Process Outsourcing business.  Each Operations Manager was responsible for leading and managing up to 250 people, with between 16-20 direct reports. This was a high pressure and demanding environment, even for experienced managers. Stephen worked with them for 6 months as a facilitator and coach, assisting them to improve their leadership and performance management capabilities.


Outside of business, Stephen’s interests are cycling, fitness, cooking and spending lots of time with his wife and 2 girls, travelling and exploring the world together. He is also the owner of a mad Cocker Spaniel!

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