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Susan Dodson

Senior Consultant

Susan has 25-years experience as a coach, consultant, facilitator and project manager, working in a change context for many blue chips with a spectrum of leaders, from board to front-line staff.

With an express focus on releasing human potential, Susan believes that there is always an opportunity for any leader to learn more and grow again – to miss that opportunity is to miss the point of leadership.


She describes her work by asking: “What are we without our relationships? And what of our ability to serve, source, empower, influence and enjoy these relationships through who we are, what we bring and how we communicate/relate?” She describes this as her love, fascination, passion, curiosity and her own life-long learning journey, one that she doesn’t ever expect to be 'done learning'.


Susan’s approach brings together the two ends of the spectrum, where at one end is the ability to be authentic, real and present, and therefore powerful and causal in relationships with others. At the other end, the goal is improved performance, measured as productivity, quality, engagement and/or C-Sat. Through innovative, deep, realistic interventions that provide practical tools, release energy and optimism, build self-esteem and develop relevant skills, Susan brings together the ends of the spectrum, building trust, and widening and deepening self-awareness. She will help to set up the conditions for relationships to be career enhancing and create meaning.


She has led projects that have achieved both a National and Regional Training Award.  She is currently working towards being a Certified Transactional Analyst, applying these theories in her current coaching and facilitation work.


Susan’s industry experience spans the UK and India, often in contact centre environments. Her clients include: Barclays, BBC, British Gas, Nationwide Building Society, Standard Life Healthcare, Carole Nash insurance, Principality Building Society, OneTel and Hutchison.


Susan’s work is always well evaluated, with the aim is to be cost neutral within 6 months, although she hopes the significance and meaning of the learning lasts a great deal longer.


Susan is happily married to Martin - they have twin teenage daughters, who keep her nicely occupied!

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