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Zemo Travathan

Senior Consultant

Thoroughly grounded in the inner workings of trust-building, communication, and collaboration, Zemo creates an environment in which individuals and teams move forward to succeed with the concrete tasks and challenges before them.

Zemo specialises in making the impossible happen, eliciting from individuals and teams skills, solutions and visions they didn’t know they had. Seminar participants have said that they left feeling completely understood and deeply challenged, with a new appreciation of their own brilliance.


As much as Zemo shines in his ability to win over sceptical or resistant seminar participants, his real expertise is in executive coaching, a setting in which he is able to create for his clients an experience of being both totally responsible and totally capable.


His research and seminars have led him to Asia, Africa, and Central America, and have also resulted in publications. He brings to his work a diverse background in teaching, conflict resolution, cross-cultural studies, human resources, and sales and marketing. As a trainer, he has designed and led programs for groups as diverse as entrepreneurial business owners, corporate teams and medical centre patients.

Zemo received his Bachelor of Science with Honors in Psychology at the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, Washington, and has since trained and facilitated in various national and international schools and systems, including certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


His client list ranges from local and state-wide political campaigns to midsize organisations like the Duke University Medical Center, Jay Alix and Associates, and Sloan Financial Group, to blue chip companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, American Cyanamid, Transcocean, Merck, and ConocoPhillips.


Zemo’s coaching clients are often heard saying, “I couldn’t have done it without him.” - He is the Johnny Cash of the facilitation world!

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